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As the initiators of "Muragala" - Open Source Security Platform, Fossmart will be playing a vital role in maintaining, funding and managing the project and it's community. Following are our ultimate goals

  • Maintain and Protect the Software Freedom and adherence to the Free Software Foundation's guideline
  • Not to re-invent, as much as possible reuse, collaborate and integrate to build the eco-system of security tools to protect, prevent, analyse and test various threats.

List of Policies

  1. License for the code will be licensed under GNU Affero General Public License 3.0
  2. Muragala Committee will decide which features will be released on which version. However, neccessary information will be publicly available, also discussed via mailing lists General
  3. Muragala Committee will control the committers to the project, however all public contributions are welcome.
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